At Dartland Farms, we use the  horsemanship techniques developed by John
Lyons and Ray Hunt to start your pony. You will be amazed at the progress and
retention rate of what the pony learns in just the first 30 days. This style of
training produces ponies with willing attitudes and confidence.

We encourage the owners to participate in the training sessions to understand
how the pony learns and to improve your communication skills with the pony.
Training and Lessons
Dartland Farms offers lessons from the beginner
student through the more experienced rider. We
emphasis communication skills between the horse
and rider. We want you to understand how your
horse thinks to create a more pleasant experience
for horse and rider. We give you the skills to solve
problems on your own.

Group lessons start @ 30.00 per hour
Private lessons start @ 40.00 per hour

Trail riding is also a specialty of ours! We believe in
ponies being flexible and willing to go confidently for
the rider in any situation. Let us help you enjoy your
horse or pony with lessons or training on the trail!
Intermediate Training focuses on developing the
balance, rhythm and degrees of collection  in the pony's
gaits. This process includes both the physical and
emotional aspects of the pony and focuses more on the
sport in which the pony will be participating .